[Mobile.AI] accessible basic apps for android

raaju bidhwin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 01:23:58 EST 2017

Messaging, call, calander, calculator, contacts,  fm radio apps are very
much accessible  right out of the box, no need to use 3rd party application
for that purpose. Yeah, galary of moto phones are completely inaccessible,
you can use es file explorer as your galary application. Camera of course,
is not accessible, but I no longer need as well. For camera purpose I'm fine
with back camera shelfi. Moto x play, being near to stock android device,
doesn't associate with any 3rd party apps, that's why you are free to

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earlier I was using samsung core prime. recently I have purchased moto
x play. but, the app interfaces in motorola is not friendly as
samsung. so, kindly suggest me accessible alternatives to following
apps that are friendly to visually challenged and partially blind.

1. contacts and call
2. messaging (SMS)
3. camera
4. calculator
5. calander
6. galary
7. voice recorder
8. fm radio (not internet radio)
9. memo / note taking
10. weather app

thanks in advance
Umesha S E

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