[Mobile.AI] Feedback for travel-mode Whereami in Eye-D mobile app

Satguru Rathi tarannumrathi at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 05:40:20 EST 2017

Dear Gaurav,

Though I have spoken to you on this, still writing here for better articulation.

before I start, let me state to others that I am enrolled for beta testing and am currently using the beta version of the Eye-D app so my points below are solely based on my own experience and requirements.

1. Currently, it is not 5 but 3 minutes, though I am OK with either. and I think it is easy to choose from predefine list rather than typing. Having one more option for an hour would surely be a value addition.
2. Currently, the app does have an extra option for 5 KM and I am OK with it as while in train/cab, one might not want to listen to the announcement too many times. However, many people living in developed countries may want another addition for 10KM as the speed with which they travel in trains/ any other public transport is much higher if compared to India and the distance also varies.
3. To me, I would mostly use this feature while walking as in bus/train, you already have a predefined destination and mostly it is a long journey and continuous announcement of the location might not be as helpful as it is when walking.
4. Personally, I would like to know the landmarks as this gives me a sense of sight since I am getting to know names of buildings or shops which were previously unknown to me unless I had a specific need for them and searched for those. Eg: yesterday, I was walking in my area where I live and it announced the name of an electronic store which I didn’t know it existed before I used this app and now I know that there is another option should I need to go there and is much closer compared to the previous one I used to visit for my electronics related needs. If I take your example of Akbar road, it is a long road and if I keep walking on this road, it won’t announce anything else unless my location changes from Akbar Road to some other road/street and if  I countinuously keep listening to “Akbar Road, Akbar Road”, it is not useful. so announcement of landmarks is helpful.
5. As per my discussion with your colleague, there may be several things a user may want to do while location announcement is on. EG: I am walking to a phone repair shop and I suddenly remember that I cary multiple papers and need to find out the phone bill to show it to the shopkeeper. Now in order to use the app, I would first need to stop the location announcement while I am still walking. Another one: this might be a tippicle example but to me it is realistic. Suppose while walking to that shop, I reach a point where there is no one on the road and I sense that something is standing ahead me, this might be an animal like cow or some board deliberately put on road and I might not like to take the risk to touch it with my cane as if it is an animal, it might provoke it and your app can help me here with  the object recognition feature to find what is ahead me. Hense, since this is a toggle switch, the user should be able to invoke the app even if the location announcement is on and should be able to use the other features of the app. Should the user want to stop the announcement, he has always the option to go to where am I screen and turn it off.

With best regards,
"Life's battle do not always go, to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the one who wins, is the one who thinks he can."

Satguru Rathi
satgururathi at gmail.com

From: Gaurav Mittal 
Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2017 12:46 PM
To: Mobile.accessindia at accessindia.org.in 
Cc: vaibhav asthana ; Shaswat Ranjan 
Subject: [Mobile.AI] Feedback for travel-mode Whereami in Eye-D mobile app

Dear All,

Many of you already know that we are bringing up Eye-D Pro, an ad-free and
paid version of Eye-D app with better features. While we continuously take
feedback from our beta community, there is one feature where I want to take
feedback from community members here before we freeze final design.

Whereami feature is an existing featurein Eye-D Free app. Here a user gets
the current location and landmarks. Many of the users felt the need to get
location updates on a regular basis for which they had to press back and
click whereami again.

Travel-mode wherami is a new feature in Eye-D pro. It is in the form of a
radio button which, when switched on, will put the app in background and
tell user location via TTS at a pre-defined minimum distance and time
without the need to click whereami again and again.

We require feedback on below items:

1. Time interval when location update is spoken: As of now we have put
options of 1 minute, 5 minute, 10 minutes and 30 minutes. However, a person
travelling in train might like to know location every hour. Do you require
more intervals? less interval? Would you like to define interval yourself
and not choose from pre-defined options?

2. Distance travelled: Currently we have put 50 meters, 100 meters, 500
meters and 1 kilometer. It depends on whether the user is walking or in cab
or bus. Same as above, I want to know how relevant are these options.

3. Use cases: When is this mode most relevant? In bus or cab or train or
while walking. Because the design changes a lot based on the conditions a
user is using it.

4. Would users like to know landmarks while travel mode is on? or this will
be too much of an information? For ex. you are at akbar road, central delhi
is without landmark. You are Akbar road, central delhi and nearest landmark
is indo-japan trade center is information with landmark.

5. Any other suggestion? Like one user said that he will like to use OCR
while travel mode is ON and current design doesn't let him to do this.

In case you want to call and give your feedback, I am available at
09538922957. I would love to talk on a call and have detailed discussion on
requirements, so please feel free.

Team Eye-D
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