[Mobile.AI] Sending SMS to multiple contacts

Aparna Sachdev aparna624 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 03:22:25 EDT 2016

Hi there

There's two ways you can send text messages to multiple contacts at once:
1. After selecting "compose message" in the messages app and
double-tapping on the "to" field, you could type the first few letters
of the name of the contact that you want to send the message to. If
you move your finger to the place just below the "to" field, you'll
come across contacts in your directory that match the few letters you
typed. After double-tapping on the contact of your choice, you could
shift the insertion point to the end of the same "to" field, type the
first few letters of another contact that you want to send the message
to, and again select from the list that shows up. You could select as
many contacts as you want by repeating the same process.

2. Alternatively, if you flick right once from the "to" field, the
VoiceOver cursor shifts to "add contact". Double-tapping on this will
take you to your complete list of contacts, where you can choose the
contact you want. Double-tapping on the contact of your choice will
take you right back to the compose message screen, where you can
repeat the same process by flicking right and double-tapping on "add
contact" again to add other contacts.

I personally prefer the first, because it's a whole lot quicker and I
don't have to go scrolling through my entire list of contacts.
Hope this helps
- Aparna

On 9/30/16, Vamshi. G <gvamshiai at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear friends,
> Is there a way we can select multiple contacts to send SMS by simply
> double tapping as we do in Whats App?  I'm using iPhone.
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