[Mobile.AI] Getting problem in creating apple ID

Mohib Anwar Rafay mohibrafel at gmail.com
Tue May 3 15:03:17 EDT 2016

Hey friends, I purchased iPhone SE 64gb model. After the purchase was
complete, the person at apple store created my apple ID on iCloud.com
domain, and asked me to complete the rest of the setup. Now when I am
trying to install applications in this phone, it is asking me to enter
my apple ID and password. I am entering the details as entered by him.
However it is showing some authentication error.
There are two possibilities, firstly Either I forgot what I dictated
to him, second, he might have entered something else. .
So please suggest me what to do? Can I create another apple ID on
iCloud? will  it be possible to create another apple ID using the same

Mohib Anwar Rafay

Phone: +919 555 555 765

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