[Mobile.AI] want to switch over to shine pluss have some questions

Austin Pinto austinpinto.xaviers at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 23:28:38 EDT 2016

hi all.
as talkback doesnt read capasitive buttens i was planning to switch to
shine plus.
so i have the following questions.
1. in what way shine plus is better then talkback 1 way is it reads
capasitive buttens what are the others.
2. is shine plus stable enough to be used as a daily driver?
3. i was reading the manual of shine plus on inclusiveandroid and saw
that the jestures to navigate from 1 item to the next is swipe from
left to right and not up or down in as in old versions of talkback i
dont like the left and right jestures any way to change this?
4. can i change all the jestures of shinepluss so it is 100% like talkback?
5. how is shinepluss on the web?

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