[Mobile.AI] Any Bluetooth keyboard users there?

Satguru Rathi tarannumrathi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 02:33:10 EDT 2016


Can someone please guide me on using Bluetooth keyboard with Android?
I’ve done pairing etc. but there are couple of issues that are troubling me. I’ve got Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard which is a multi device keyboard.
1. According to the documentation, the keyboard can simultaneously pair with two or more devices and there is a swap wheel to cycle through the paired devices. However, when swapping from PC mode to Android and then back to PC, the keyboard stops working. With phone it just works fine.
2. On the phone:
- Doesn’t open any conversation in Google Messenger app with Alt+Enter. Tried with the native Messaging app too, but the same result.
- How to select a conversation/message for actions like delete, copy, and forward? Alt+Shift+Enter just says “Long Press” and nothing happens.
- In any edit box, if I press any letter, it just keeps typing that letter automatically till I press delete to stop it from typing.

Please respond, it is really urgent.
With best regards,
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Satguru Rathi
satgururathi at gmail.com
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