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Hello  everyone, kindly see this info regarding iOS9.

Warning. Here is a list of IOS 9 Bugs with Voiceover operations
Jonathan Mosen includes in the email containing the "IOS 9 Without the
Eye" book.
1. Audio routing bug. This is potentially the most significant
accessibility bug I can recall ever to slip through an iOS release,
due to the number of people who may be affected. Not everyone will be,
and at present, even after extensive testing with a range of people
owning different devices, I have no information about why it affects
some users, but not others. It is not device specific, for example it
is happening to me on my iPhone 6 Plus, but I know iPhone 6 Plus users
where the problem isn't so severe. Nor does it seem to be affected by
any setting. If you're lucky, it won't happen to you, but the only way
I am aware of to determine this is to upgrade.
This bug may affect you when you have earbuds or headphones connected
to the headphone socket of your iPhone. The primary way the audio
routing bug manifests itself is when you receive an incoming phone or
FaceTime call. You can usually hear if you're going to be affected by
the bug because your ring-tone will fade in and out, rather like the
way VOiceOver causes system audio to fade in and out when audio
ducking is enabled. At this point, if you press the power button to
silence the ringer and then flick through the screen, you will find
that not only has VOiceOver become unresponsive, but the entire phone
has as well.
If you don't press the power button while the phone is ringing, but
instead opt to flick through the iPHone's screen to locate the Answer
button or review caller ID information, VoiceOver may not speak at
Finally, if you attempt to answer the incoming call with a two-finger
double-tap, you may not be able to, since VoiceOver has effectively
locked up.
The bottom line is that if you have earbuds connected, you may not be
able to answer a call.
Some people have also reported similar problems answering calls when
their phone is set to silent.
If you rely on your phone for business or safety, this could be a deal
breaker in terms of upgrading at this point.
What makes this bug so fascinating is that not only is it completely
absent for some people, but of those who experience it, not all
symptoms are present for all users. For example, some people
experience the issues I have described when they press the power
button to mute the ringer, but not when the phone is ringing. Others
can answer a call by pressing the button on their EarPods, while
others cannot.
If you upgrade and are affected by this, here are a few things to try.
(A) If you have the more moderate version of this bug, avoid pressing
the power button when you receive an incoming call.
(B) Turning off audio ducking seems to help a little for some users.
(C) If you can't answer a call with a two-finger double-tap, try
pressing the button on your EarPods or similar device if you have such
a device connected.
(D) If all else fails, you can disconnect any device from the
headphone jack, answer the call with a two-finger double-tap, then
reconnect the device to the headphone jack.
(E) Given the critical nature of this bug, if you've upgraded and now
find yourself afflicted by it, enrol in the iOS beta program so you
can receive early copies of any fixes Apple is working on. But keep in
mind that since you will be running beta software, you may well be
swapping one set of bugs for another.
2. Bluetooth keyboard support unreliable. Sometimes, users may input
double letters when typing. This is a bug that was introduced in the
iOS 8 cycle, and can easily be worked around by toggling VoiceOver off
and on.
However, a new bug now exists where at times, no text is entered into
a field at all when VO is active. Toggling VO doesn't help, nor does
switching the keyboard off and on. The only immediate remedy is to
turn Vo off, and keep typing without it. If you turn VO back on again,
the arrow keys don't work when you're trying to navigate your text,
and you can't edit it.
3. In the Today view of Notification Center, VO frequently restarts
itself when flicking through your widgets, and sometimes the phone
locks up entirely.
4. It's much less likely you can return to your previous position on
screen after taking an action. For example, flick through the list of
podcasts in Downcast. Find a podcast you wish to download. Double-tap,
and a shortcut menu appears. Choose Download. You should then be able
to tap on the screen and return to the list where you left off. This
worked in previous iOS versions, but it doesn't work now, you're
returned to near the top of the list. If you're in a large
news-related podcast where there are dozens of episodes, it takes a
lot of effort to get back to your place. This also impacts a number of
other apps including some Twitter clients.
5. Less reliable audio ducking. You may find that if you use VoiceOver
while listening to audio from another app, audio ducking does not work
as well as it used to. Some times, it works perfectly, while at
others, VoiceOver ducks the audio but does not restore the app to its
normal level when VO has finished speaking. On other occasions,
VoiceOver won't duck the audio at all, as if audio ducking had been
disabled. If VoiceOver has not restored system audio to its usual
level, sometimes toggling speech off and on again with a three-finger
double-tap will help. At other times, you may need to toggle VoiceOver
completely off and on again.
Others may have found more bugs, and it is also possible that as more
people start to use iOS 9, more work-arounds may be discovered. Please
keep in touch with sites and email lists pertaining to iOS

Hi all,

The following message came to me via David Woodbridge.

Hi all,

iOS 9 which was released today has two major bugs in it for VoiceOver
1. After answering or hanging up a call, VoiceOver control may be lost,
2. Bluetooth keyboard entry does not work: navigation ok.

So for the moment, I’d would be advising people who use VoiceOver on iOS
to wait.

Many thanks,

Hi everyone for those who are willing to update to iOS9 please read
this post this article is taken from AppldVis
The Accessibility Bugs in iOS 9: From Serious To Minor

Here is the direct link.

http://www.applevis.com/blog/advocacy-apple-braille-ios-news/accessibility-bugs-ios-9-serious-minor <http://www.applevis.com/blog/advocacy-apple-braille-ios-news/accessibility-bugs-ios-9-serious-minor>
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Users | AppleVis
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