[Mobile.AI] Untrusted brand is xolo!

Vikas Kapoor dl.vikas at gmail.com
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About 2 months back I already filed a complaint at consumer forum online, 
but till date no response from them. My suggestion would be to file a 
physical documentation instead online because I suppose online complaints 
are not taken seriously by the consumer department. It would not be an 
exaggeration to say that here in India, every company/department has now 
adopted "chalta hai" like approach!
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dear all. Few days back one of our member have faced the problem of
the battery of xolo q700. Now i'm also facing the problem of same
issue. My battery of xolo q700 has damage within the 8 month of its
use. Now xolo is not providing with the battery. Any help? I am
planing to take legal action on this.

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