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Mister CANE mujtabam at gmail.com
Mon May 19 07:15:36 EDT 2014


Hi Gang!


For those of who know me, we meet again. For those who don't this email is
for you.


Formerly a member of the Access India Mailing list, I was driven to
unsubscribe simply because I could not keep up with the volume of emails in
my inbox. Today, I join the Mobile AI mailing list, to help me tune in to
the current buzz of these funky phones that the sighted folks in the so
called mainstream are throwing at us, i.e. the visually impaired community.


As of date I am powered by Talks on the Nokia C500 phone. And if hell
freezes over, I have another c500 on standby; sorry I think it's lying down;
thanks to the wonderful folks at Shakshym I was able to instal the licensed
version of Talks on it. If I ever get my hands on an accessible 3D printer;
another hype in the technology business; I will print at least 100 Nokia
C500 phones for those who are stubborn as me towards this whole touch screen
phone drama.


Although, I am not that ignorant on what is happening in the touch screen
phone space. Here is what I know so far, summarizing it here so that I can
confirm with you all that I am on the right planet:


.         OS equals Operating System


1. Symbian OS has died, Nokia was sold to Microsoft, who now have Windows OS
phones on the shelf under the Nokia flagship. Not the best thing to happen
to Nokia but it's better than making paper aeroplanes for them to survive.


Unsure of the accessibility features offered on the phones that have this


2. Android OS phones are a big hit amongst the college, working and chai
wallas. Everyone wants one, can have one, feels really trendy owning one and
loves to flaunt it when they get the opportunity. Earlier, people used to
meet up and talk about how the price of Onions have gone up, it's getting
harder to find a decent place to live on a budget, how the petrol price just
shot up etc. Today all they talk about is snacks and funky stuff like
Jellybean, Icecream, Kit kat and they have a frequent urge of asking what's


Many leading mobile manufacturers are making phones for this Android OS,
which according to the Russian intelligence, is owned by Google, the baap of
Interwood. Samsung is the highest selling brand of phones. Even the chimps
in the Amazon own a phone that was made by them, running on bananna network
TM. Now, some sources call this the Modi wave, sorry the smart phone wave.
Whatever said they are a big rage!


Google Talk Back is an in built screen reader offered by the phones with
this OS as an app. 


3. One fruit making company, Apple, is exclusively selling their own brand
of phones called the iPhone. And the iPhone comes with it's own OS called I
OS. These phones, I have heard, are the most accessible phones to be made,
so I hear from friends in and around the planet who own this phone and have
a visual impairment. This phone to some extent in the sighted world has 3
things to talk about the person owning it. For reference they are:


A. I have too much money in the bank. Trust me, these phones are pricy, some
baacha loag get this phone as Christmas gifts, thus reinforcing their faith
that Santa Claus is real.


B. I am unique. This is iPhone, and I own it. There should be no confusion
that this phone is your phone. Others might have an iPhone, but it's their
phone and not mine.


C. Android is for kids, we are the grown ups. In touch with the latest
gadget, although it's not necessary for us to actually use every feature on
the phone. Impression jama kay mast rahao.


Voice Over is an in built accessibility feature offered on these phones.


To conclude this lengthy introductory email, I would like to thank you for
your patience, my computer for not hanging during writing this email, the
electricity board for their continious supply of electricity, the broadband
company for giving me the power of the internet blah, blah, blah...


Sorry about that, you might not hear much from me on the list, but I will
keep watch on your contributions and ask any questions thereof or therein.
Have a great day ahead!


Mujtaba Merchant

Bangalore, India

"Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going." ~ Jim


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