[AI] Is it common with all visually challenged people?

turab chimthanawala turabhvc at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 06:54:32 EDT 2019

Hi Pinkesh,
Following is my opinion.
1. Man is a social animal and hence, interdependence is key to his
survival. Whether disabled or not disabled, no man can live and
accomplish all what he wants by himself. He has to depend on others
for some or the other thing. Hence, it is perfectly justifiable to
seek help.
2. Notwithstanding the above, while it is virtuous to help the needy,
it is certainly not a fundamental duty. Hence, it is very wrong and
inconsiderate to always expect help and barade people for not helping.
3. People may at times genuinely not comprehend that you need help:
hence, their ignorance . Thus, it is advisable to request for
assistance yourself.
4. As regards your thought of "seeming to bother" people when you seek
help, it is advisable that we should also endeavor to add value to
others' lives. This may be by sharing knowledge, humor, material or if
nothing love, warmth and appreciation.
5. As regards your anxiety of solo travel: my first solo trip was to
Trivandram to attend a Convention. I had sensitized the hotel and the
event organisers about my disability and the help I would need, at the
time of booking. Thus, right from landing in Trivandram till my
departure, I was given V.I.P attention. Besides, I had also kept 2
acquaintances residing there, in the loop, to pitch in if need be.
Hope this helps.
Feel free to call on +91 8087813609, if u need further clarifications.

On 7/14/19, Pinkesh Tailor <pinkesh.tailor at gmail.com> wrote:
> Otherwise I am pretty confidence about my abilities with due respect
> to physical limitation, but when it comes to traveling outside my home
> town, I feel anxious.
> Although I have traveled alone without any escort many a times, but it
> happens with anxiety. I guess I am a bit unsecured about reaching my
> destination. The thoughts which ponders my mind is whether I will be
> safe? Whether I would get the help from others when warranted? Whether
> people would feel OK to help me? and many more such question.
> I guess as a visually impaired person, I have a lot of expectation
> from mass of able body, that is the sighted people for offering their
> help to me without me asking for the same. So for example when I am
> standing on for crossing the road and when no one comes ahead to
> extend their help, I feel the world is so insensitive. Wherein
> eventually I request for people to help me in crossing the road,
> people are more than happy to help. My expectation from people is that
> they need to be courteous from their side to offer help without asking
> or requesting for the same. Also when people are at my help, I feel
> that I am bothering them and they might be feeling burdensome. This is
> when I might need help of people around me during more longer
> navigation, and help needed for serving me lunch or dinner. Is this
> mindreading from my side, or do people around us really feel
> burdensome to help us? or whether our sighted counter part see us
> indifferently as we are different from them physically due to our
> visual challenge. Sometimes I also feel that other sighted people such
> as our colleagues are jealous of me as I am in par much better then
> them in several aspect. and that is why they are feeling indifferent
> about me.
> Most of the anxiety happens for long distance traveling and stay which
> gets stretched for more than a day or so. Although everything gets
> managed well and workout to be positive against my anxiety, but still
> I feel the same every time for the travel and stay. Is this common to
> all while traveling alone without escort? or Is it peculiar only for
> me, I do not know. Could anyone share their experience when they have
> traveled alone without any sighted assistance? Note, I might not have
> this anxiety if any blind known person is also traveling with me as my
> companion, but I also feel anxious if I am traveling with known
> sighted person other than my family member, as I think that sighted
> known person might be feeling burdensome to accompany me for this
> journey.
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