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Hi all,

 it's a pleasure to share that Institute for Vision Rehabilitation, LV
Prasad Eye Institute was able to organize a Tactile
 painting exhibition on 4th June, 2019 at its premises.  The exhibit
had 16 artists with
 vision loss displaying their artworks.  They had created their
 paintings in last month during two workshops, the first one was all
 about learning to use colors, various tactile material and execution
 on canvas.  During the second one, they got to create their paintings
 after coming up with interesting themes and ideas.  I was so anxious
 how all this will turn out, but I am so glad the exhibition was a
 grand success.  There were over 130 visitors, both sighted and
 visually impaired who enjoyed the artworks. Local media came down to
 cover the event. I am happy that this event was able to spread
 awareness among the community about the abilities of visually impaired.

 I am sharing the description and Dropbox links to images of each
 painting  below.

 1.      The night beauty
 Painting by: Chetna Punjabi
 Despite the darkness in the night, the beauty of the swan on the lake
 fills the air with splendor. The lotus exudes its fragrance adding to
 the existing magic. Collectively, both elements in this painting
 convey that nature’s beauty can exist even in darkest moments.
 Dropbox link:

 2.      A sunny day
 Painting by: Namira Samrin
 The bright sun from the sky radiates its heat to the whole world as it
 inspires all creation to be cheerful and positive.  This painting
 portrays the trees and the house beneath the sun enjoying its radiance
 on a perfect sunny day!
 Dropbox link:

 3.      Wonder flower
 Painting by: Syed Abbu Bakar
 Cheery and happy flower, always following the sun, turning its back to
 darkness, standing proud, tall and strong even with its head full of
 seeds. Is there a better flower than this one? This painting is
 simple, yet it aptly describes the wonder flower, the sunflower!
 Dropbox link:

 4.      The full moon night
 Painting by: P. Abhilash
 Decorating the night sky, the full moon stands in its fullest glory.
 As it casts its silver light upon the sleeping world, only a few
 appreciate its beauty. This painting represents the loyal
 companionship between the full moon and night.
 Dropbox link:

 5.      Bloom room
 Painting by: P. Sai Prashanth
 A cluster of blooming flowers in red and yellow expresses grandeur and
 positivity. Although in no particular arrangement, they reflect
 absolute richness in an orange background.   This painting simply
 depicts moments of celebration!
 Dropbox link:

 6.      Red velvet
 Painting by T. Sridevi
 Their sweet smell fills the room, their red color, a visual treat.
 These elegant flowers with their velvety texture are ready and waiting
 to be touched. This painting depicts how a basket of flowers
 invigorates one’s senses.
 Dropbox link:

 7.      Sailing home
 Painting by: Sunil Rathod
 As dusk takes over, the birds of the air return to their nest.
 Similarly, a boat sails back to a shore, finally returning home after
 its long voyage.  This painting is a reminder to those who are away
 that their home awaits them no matter where they are.
 Dropbbox link:

 8.      Majestic evening
 Painting by: K. Sai Kiran
 Blazed with beautiful sunset, every evening adorns the west with a
 crown of red and orange. It welcomes the dusk like a good old friend
 as a perfect end to a long day.  Gleaming in its glory, this painting
 depicts a majestic evening!
 Dropbox link:

 9.      Are you there?
 Painting by KKD. Pavan Kumar
 , The rising sun, the silent waters, the chirping bird, the majestic
 mountains and refreshing greenery, what more can be asked for
 rejuvenating oneself! However, the empty swing in this painting
 represents that mankind is too busy with affairs of life, that it
 rarely has time to spend time in nature.
 Dropbox link:

 10.     Joyful jump
 Painting by: P. Shiva Reddy
 Back and forth they go, reflecting hues of orange and yellow.  In
 their little pond they dance and make merry, wonder what’s their
 secret of happiness! This cute painting certainly brings smile to many
 faces as the two gold fishes jump with joy.
 Dropbox link:

 11.     Happy flowers
 Painting by: B. Madhav Kumar
 Buds blossom to flowers, some passionate red and some loyal blue.
 They beautify our homes, transferring their optimistic energy around.
 Spreading happiness in abundance, this painting will certainly cheer
 up many!
 Dropbox link:

 12.     Hillside secret
 Painting by: G. Akhilesh
 The crescent moon sneaks into the sky as silence takes over.  It casts
 its light upon the dry groves on a hillside. This semi modern art,
 surely mesmerizes one to its hidden secrets.
 Dropbox link:

 13.     You and I
 Painting by: S. Pallavi
 From garden to garden a butterfly wanders in search of a sweet flower.
 It flutters its wings as it takes flight and its joy has no bounds
 when it finally finds one. This painting expresses a butterfly’s
 delight upon finding its colorful companion.
 Dropbox link:

 14.     Flying high
 Painting by: A. Shravani
 Through clouds and skies, it flies.  Its vibrant colors catches
 attention of many eyes.  This painting is a representation of one’s
 goals through a hot air balloon that flies high!
 Dropbox link:

 15.     I see hope
 Painting by: A. Mounika
 The empty well and an abandoned bucket represent drought stricken
 land.  Yet, surviving such harshest of times, the few leaves indicate
 that there is hope even in hopeless situations.  Depicting a simple
 landscape, this painting encourages one to keep holding on to their
 hope even in despair.
 Dropbox link:

 16.     A beach house
 Painting by: Y. Rama Krishna
 The smell of the sand, the sound of the sea, the cold breeze of
 coastal trees reminds one of a beach. It’s an added fun when all this
 is experienced while staying in a beach house on a long vacation.
 This painting certainly reminds one of memorable moments at a
 beautiful sea coast.
 Dropbox link:

 It would be interesting to know what you all think of the artwork.  I
We are planning to conduct more workshops and exhibitions in future too.
 Hopefully many others will be interested to participate in them.

 With regards,

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