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Ekinath Khedekar ekinath at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 06:39:18 EDT 2019

Dear Friends,

Hope each one of you is doing well.

I’m very happy to announce formation of the ABBF Cycling Chapter in Mumbai for the benefit of visually impaired as well as other disabilities.

Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation is a Pune-based non-profit founded by a very inspiring personality, my friend, Divyanshu Ganatra, who himself is blind but has scaled heights that even sighted may envy. He’s the only blind person known to have para-glided alone and thanks to his efforts thousands of disabled are able to enjoy paragliding, mountaineering, cycling, and scuba diving amongst host of other sports. Read more here:


Back to cycling; if you remember when you could pedal, float on two wheels, feel the speed when you could see, or if not lucky yet, live the dreams now. For folks who haven’t seen tandems yet, it’s a two seater - one behind the other. The front sighted rider, called the pilot or captain, controls the steering, the brakes and the gears. The rear rider, generally a blind, called the stoker, helps to pedal. And tandems obviously have two sets of pedals.

These are superb machines. I have enjoyed my adventures on them while racing from Pune to Goa, while pedalling to the top of KhardungLa, arguably the highest motorable road in the world. Have a look at our award-winning 12 minute movie- Beyond KhardungLa


So if you are interested do join our Whatsapp group from the following link and let’s catch up there for more. Time to roll...


~Cheers! Eki

Thus please pardon typos. 

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