[AI] Request for Support: "We can Do Whatever We Want to" Movement

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I have heard of some person who is conducting a theatre workshop for the blind in Jaipur from 25th of May 2019 to 24th of June 2019. Duration is of approximately one month. Boarding and lodging facilities are available free of cost.
Please contact:
Ashok Gupta Mobile No. 8765435654, 9450129808.
He runs an NGO titled, "Progressive Federation for thde blind".
The resource person has been related to Radio BBC and has also worked with All India radio.
The objective of the workshop is to develop the acting capabilities of the visually impaired.

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Dear Access Indians:
I am Simran Chawla, a visually impaired girl who loves acting. I won a beauty pageant-Princess India 2016-2017 and was crowned by John Abraham. I have been a user of Access India since 2016.

I am writing to this mailing list today, because I wish you to join our movement in spreading our stories as the visually impaired. We are capable of doing everything and anything that we want to do. We can together overcome discrimination and isolation issue by advancing our movement together.
We will show
we are as equal as everyone.
I am using my acting to share this message with my audience. I am by no means a renowned actress. However, you and I can together make a difference.
You can join this movement by one or more of the following actions 1. Share the social media post on this issue - I am writing them as well; 2. Post your story on social media with hashtags - you can see my story and hashtags below as reference; 3. Introduce me to someone like yourself, those who are working on the blind awareness issues, WhatsApp group on this matter, journalists passionate about this matter, and any influencers on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram; 4. Join my acting as a participating actor - let me write how you can do this at the end of this email; and 5. More than anything - respond to this email that you are supportive to me!

Let me now write my story.
I was born with normal eyesight. At the age of five, I got fever and my parents gave me a sirup prescribed by the doctor to counter its effects. My body got reacted with that medicine and when I woke up the next day, I had red sores of sorts all over my body, even my eyes. I was immediately rushed to the doctor and admitted in the hospital. I was totally on glucose and food pipes. My weight came down to 15 kgs. My nails were breaking and my hair were coming off. It was a complete nightmare. After a month when I got discharged from the hospital, the marks on my body got okay but all that affected my eyes. My eyes got totally dried up and I lost my vision. my whole world turned dark. Being a kid, I lost my mental balance and used to hit my head on the wall and had no clue what was happening to me. It was the love of my family that made me strong. My parents consulted all the eye specialists pan india, my right eye got 8-9 surgeries done but only thing that got better was that I started differentiating between the colours from a very close distance.
After almost two years of that accident, my parents admitted me to NAB Delhi to make me learn braille. And then after an year, I got integrated to Mount Carmel School. With the help of teachers, family, braille and technology, I got confidence that I can do everything. I’m like everyone, I’m as same as others, I’m no different. I started believing in myself. I realised there are so many things to be thankful for, rather than crying over what I’ve lost.
I can make use of other senses that I’ve got and do whatever I want to. My family made me learn to smile and be positive even in the toughest of the situations.
And in this coarse of time, I myself realised that your positive attitude towards life, belief in yourself, will and determination to do something, can make you fulfill all your dreams. Nothing in this world can stop you from achieving that. Till date, I’ve tried out everything that I wanted to, be it acting, voice overs, radio jockeying, writing poetries, writing scripts for short films and advertisements, modelling, motivating people, anchoring and many more such things. The dreams don’t end here. I’ll keep on trying out many more things of my interests, be it difficult or easy, either I succeed or fail, I just want to try, try and try. Trying makes me win all the battles.

In the next days, I’ll be posting my stories on my facebook with the hash tags like, #ICanDoWhateverIWantToDo, #IBelieveInMe, #BelieveInYou, #ConfidenceIsMyWings, #Storytelling, #Robosion, #StorytellingApp, #Movement, #LifePurpose, #LifeMeaning, #Blind, #VisuallyImpaired, #Confidence, #Belief. This story will be first told via writing. If you can respond to this email, we can aim at the same timing to release our story for higher impact. Our team will spread the message.
This movement has already started and is getting larger. As one of the great milestones, the team from Stanford University, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Japan have offered support to us. This team has created an app to tell story. With this app, we can act together to deliver our message.
We can be
in the same scene even if we are remote with each other. The app removes the background of your videos with artificial intelligence so that you can put your selfies into our acting. Animator of Lion King, Beauty and Beast, and Aladdin is creating the scene, background and characters to support our acting.
We will act and deliver our message in this magical scene that communicates hope. 007 and Bourne Identity story analyst can help us brush up our story.
I believe that it is important to tell story this way in addition to our writing, because this is symbolic in delivering the message that we are capable of doing whatever we want.
To join my acting in this story or simply to support my acting, please sign up at www.robosion.com.
You will get update of my situations as well, if you sign up.

I’ll be counting on your support to fight on the blind awareness, isolation and discrimination issues. I hope to have your support in whatever way possible to you. Please respond to this email with your support.

Simran Chawla
simranchawla1803 at gmail.com

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