[AI] ICICI Bank questioning my choice of joint account holder on ground of blindness

Payal Kapoor payal69 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 09:34:06 EDT 2019

this sounds rather bizzare to me but, when working on opening a joint
account in ICICI bank with my sister, they seem to have an objection
on the ground that i may not know if she signs a cheque and withdraws
money since i am blind.
somehow, the same doesn't apply to either of my parents being a joint
account holder. doesn't the same apply to them going by their
assumption? i did mention that it was my responsibility and would
worry about the withdrawals; but they want me to look at it from the
bank's point of view regarding the presumed uninformed withdrawals.
they are to get back to me on this finally tomorrow and they may just
deny me an account; or maybe not.
what i want to know is- should there be any such objection on the part
of the bank at all? the choice of joing account holder is a personal
decision independent of the bank's concern and choice?
any insight will elp. i am willing to drop the whole joiing account
thing totally, but need to drive this point home first.
if there is any contradicting opinion about this, from what i
understand, i'd appreciate information.

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