[AI] Ahead of first phase of voting, India's disabled community shares its wish list

Ramya Venkitesh ramya at barrierbreak.com
Wed Apr 10 00:20:33 EDT 2019

Tomorrow, 11 April, starts a marathon election, the world's largest
election, , that will go on for nearly six weeks. Around 900 million Indians
are entitled to vote in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It's going to be a
closely watched election and a hotly contested one.

It's also an election where disability has occupied centre stage like never
before, with the Election Commission of India undertaking accessibility
measures on a massive footing. Issues related to the community have also
been given significant play in the manifestos of the Congress party and the
Communist Party of India (Marxist). You also have a disabled population that
is eager to make its voice heard.

Our Story of the Week focuses on the aspirations of India's disabled
community. What are their expectations from the next government. Presenting
a spectrum of views from across India. Read on to know

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