[AI] AI help regarding phone issue.

faiyaz attar faiyazattar1994 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 06:25:24 EDT 2019

Hi all!
as the subject indicates the problems,
Actualy I had given my phone to repare.
they fixed the problems. but, one problem is there.
when I am using with talkback
The phone is becoming slow.
When I am swiping it is not responding properly.
How may I solve this problem?
My phone is MotoE4+.
to better help I request kindly call me or mail.
My number has given below this mail.
with best regards:
Faiyaz Attar.
Contact resources.
Email ID:
faiyazattar1994 at gmail.com
Phone/text message/whatsapp:

Skype ID:
faiyaz attar.
Stay blessed, and, Stay happy always.

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