[AI] doctor M.V Shirdhonkar autobiography in braille

Aman Preet Singh aps32200 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 07:12:39 EST 2019

Hi friends! Today I have read about a book named Vijay beyond the eyesight
(an autobiography of Dr MV shirdhonkar) in the Braille samachar patra
(published by Rajasthan netraheen Kalyaan Sangh braille press). This book
is available in Braille also so I also wish to read this book. This book is
a very motivational and useful for us so everyone should read this book.
They wrote in their newspaper that we will give the information of its
braille edition but unfortunately they did not right in the whole newspaper
about the same. So anyone in the list have some information of its Braille
edition please share it for me so I can purchase this book in Braille. With
regards, Aman Preet Singh. mobile no: 9464016949.

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