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Leikhu Laishram Leingakpa laishramnet at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 04:20:58 EST 2019

Dear list members
Kanthari International Institute of Social Change, an initiative of
Braille without Borders is  inviting applications for a seven months
fellowship on leadership development course to be started in its
campus in Trivandrum in May 2019. Persons with disabilities,
particularly blind and visually impaired are highly encouraged to
Please find the details below.

Kanthari empowers social visionaries to become social change makers.
Kanthari is an international institute that recognizes leadership in
those individuals who come from the margins of society and have
overcome major adversities in their lives.
Therefore at kanthari, we focus on participants who have a passion to
create a better tomorrow and have the strength to be forces of good
rather than victims of circumstance.
During a unique 7 months training course with a tailor made
Curriculum, participants experience hands-on what it takes to turn an
idea for social change into reality.
They will be equipped with all skills required to set up impactful
projects and initiatives.
Over the past 9 years 183 participants from 41 countries graduated
which resulted in over 125 active social projects reaching thousands
of beneficiaries.
A kanthari is a plant that grows wild in every backyard of Kerala, a
small but very spicy chili with a number of medicinal values. A
kanthari is also a symbol for those who have the guts to challenge
harmful traditions and the status quo, who have fire in their belly
and a lot of innovative ideas to make a positive difference. For us a
kanthari is the symbol of a new type of leader – a leader from the
margins of society.
The medium of learning is English, so a working knowledge of the
language is essential. Basic computer skills are also required.
Are you 22 years or older and do you want to make a difference, then
read the FAQ on our website and apply via the online application form.
Do you carry a plan for social Change?
Apply now at

email: office at kanthari.org
youtube: youtube.com/user/kanthariTV

Warm regards
Leikhu Laishram

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