[AI] "As my vision grows weaker, the will to try harder grows" - My take by Gaurav Jhunjhunwala

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Source: NewzHook <https://newzhook.com/story/21173> 

In My Take, Gaurav Jhunjhunwala talks about his experiences coping with
vision loss. Formerly an entrepreneur who was heading the digital vertical
in a top publishing house, he is now exploring new business opportunities.

I was born in Hong Kong and had a really happy childhood full of fond
memories. Looking back now I think it's because it was the only period in my
life where I didn't feel I was very different to the people around me.

I realized I was different around the time I entered Class 7. This was the
age where children become very good at identifying and exploiting the
insecurities of their classmates. I was not spared and was a soft target for
the fact that I had very weak eyesight and had to keep my face very close to
the textbooks while reading, and oftentimes could not even read what was
written on the blackboard.

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