[AI] Unable to open salary account ICICI bank easly because of my blindness!!!!

timy sebastian ettumanoor timyseba at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 19:26:39 EST 2019

Hi all,

After a long time, Iam writing this mail.

First up all, Thanks a tun those who are help me in this regards.

After a big fight, I got account in ICICI bank in kerala/ettumanoor.

I remember, many access indian friends were  assist me online and
offline, for get an account in ICICI bank.

So, thanks once again.

Yes my beloved  friends, this is our success.

If we try hard, many things we can awhaile like this, no doubt.

Well, here let me ask you a question?

Why  we are not able to open the account with in one day like sighted do?

Why it is taking 14 days and more?

Can't we approach RBI for this dear friends?

Expecting your answer soon.

With regards your beloved friend,


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