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Subject: Digital payment specification

Functional specification for integrating digital inclusion within
digital payment channel.

Census 2011indicate that 2.1% of Indian population is person with
disability.  However United nation and world bank estimate that India
is home to over 120 millions of persons with disability.  In the erra
of digitization; citizens with disability is excluded from reaping
benefit of accessing digital payment channel for their financial
transactions as this channel remains inaccessible due to lack of
universal design being integrated within this digital framework.
Citizens with disability can not even do simple transaction such as
adding money to various eWallet such as Paytm, etc, conduct financial
transactions on UPI app or on popular bank mobile app such as HDFC
bank, Axis bank, etc.  Citizens with disability are not able to pay
their utility bills, property tax, water bill, etc  due to
inaccessible user interphase.  As a consequences; citizen with
disability are forced to pay disability penalty and incur additional
cost in form of late payment or penalty for payment of utility bills,
government taxes, etc with the intervention of third party.
Keeping above things into consideration; RBI should mandate all
digital payment through any channel must integrate universal access
design enabling citizens with disability to access these with ease
through their help of assistive technology installed on their personal
computing devices along with all citizens.  All digital payment
platform must adhere to the following specifications:

Inclusive digital payment specification
•       Vendor must comply with WCAG2.0 level AA of digital accessibility
standard while offering digital payment channel through web portal and
mobile app.  (Reference:  )
•       Point of sale (POS) should also have speech output enabling blind
and visually impaired to review bill amount.
•       Payment gateway shall integrate digital inclusion and universal
design as well as compliance to WCAG2.0 level AA.
•       Unique payment interphase platform shall also comply with digital
inclusion international standard WCAG2.0 level AA.
•       Mobile POS should also have the capability of turn on talk back in
case of Android platform and turn on voice over in case of IOS
•       Touch screen POS should also have speech output announcing bill
amont and additional numeric keyboard should be provided for person
with disability to enter secret pin to their credit card/ debit card
•       eWallet should comply with WCAG2.0 level AA digital accessibility
standard enabling citizen with disability to access these with ease
through the assistance of their assistive technology.(Please note
popular eWallet such as Paytm, is not accessible.
•       Digital payment channel Kiask shall also integrate digital inclusion
and must comply with S508of United states, international digital
accessibility standard  or EN301549 (European standard on digital
•       Agencies shall ensure that all functionality of digital payment mode
is accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities, either
directly or by supporting the use of assistive technology.  It should
have the following functional specifications :
1.       ToBlind:  Digital payment platform shall provide at least one mode
of operation that does not require user vision where a visual mode of
operation is provided,
2.      Low Vision:  Digital payment channel shall have the capability of
increasing fontsize or enlarging part of the screen for citizen with
low vision.
3.      Colour Blind:  Digital payment channel shall provide at least one
visual mode of operation that does not require user perception of
color for citizen with low vision.
4.      Hearing: Digital payment channel should provide at least one mode
of operation that does not require user hearing where an audible mode
of operation is provided.
5.      Speach impairment:  Digital payment shall provide  at least one
mode of operation that does not require user speech Where speech is
used for input, control, or operation within the platform.
6.      Limited Manipulation: Digital payment channel shall provide at
least one mode of operation that does not require fine motor control
or simultaneous manual operations while accessing manual operation
within digital payment channel kiosk.
7.       Cognative disability:  Payment digital channel shall provide
features making its use by individuals with limited cognitive,
language, and learning abilities simpler and easier.
SRN     Digital Accessibility standard   URL Link
1.      WCAG2.0 Level AA         https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/

2.      S508 of USA      https://www.access-board.gov/guidelines-and-standards/communications-and-it/about-the-ict-refresh/final-rule/text-of-the-standards-and-guidelines

3.      EN301549 (European standard on digital
accessibility)  http://mandate376.standards.eu/standard


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