[AI] on line as well as off line spoken English program for visually challenged

Manasi Mahukar manasim.dfc at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 07:13:25 EST 2019

Do  you  want  to  learn  to  speak  fluently  in  English??  We  at
*Desai  Foundation  for  Change* have  all  the  answers  to  your
communicative English needs. We are a Mumbai based NGO offering
multiple programmes at no cost to the interested recipients.

We  have  designed  a  program  which  will help you express
confidently in English in a very short time. We  have  lots  of
activities,  games  and  role  plays  through  which  your  English
will  definitely  improve.   Further the programme can be customised
to suit your requirements. With individualised inputs, you will be
speaking fluently in English. It can be done on the phone or in

The course is modular and divided into four  levels  i .e.
Foundation,  Basic,  Intermediate  and  Advanced.  You  will  give  a
test  prior  to  starting  the  English  speaking  course  which  will
 determine  which  level  you  start  with.

 For more information and registration contact Pallavi Pandit or
Manasi Mahukar  on 022 2472 7203 or 8356072587 from 10:00 am to 6:30

Warm regards, Manasi Mahukar
Desai Foundation for Change
Unit 5, Ujagar Industrial Estate, W. T. Patil Marg, Deonar, Mumbai 400088
| 022.4972.7204 | 022.4972.7203 | 91.83560.72587

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