[AI] How to select the complete table in outlook email using JAWS

ARORA Meesha meesha.arora at soprasteria.com
Tue Jan 15 06:14:14 EST 2019

Good Evening,
I frequently have to paste tables from excel to Outlook email and would like to figure out a way to select the whole table in outlook email using a single keyboard shortcut.
I copy the table from Excel and paste it in email keeping the formatting of the destination and then have to manually select the complete table and then press application key to click Autofit the table contents to make it uniform to a sighted person.
But I often don't feel confident if it is actually correctly displayed to a sighted person especially when the data is slightly larger.
How to ensure if a table I copy from excel is correctly displayed after pasting to outlook email?

Many Thanks to confirm,
Meesha Arora

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