[AI] Anybody here who is in the field of the English language and linguistics?

Saaqib Mahmuud saaqib1978 at yahoo.co.in
Tue Jan 8 13:30:18 EST 2019

Hi AccessIndia mates? How are you?
My name is Saaqib Mahmood. I'm a visually impaired person from Abbottabad, Pakistan, with an MPhil in mathematics qualification and working as a mainstream college teacher.
There is a young blind fellow in my social circle here (named Abdur Rehmaan) who is pursuing the final semester thesis for his BS English degree. 

The topic of his research project is Issues Faced By Visually Challenged People In Reading / Comprehension of the English Language.
Abdur Rehmaan is looking for guidance as well as some relevant literature that he could read / review.
Is there anybody around here, especially a blind or visually impaired person, who is either pursuing a Master's / MPhil or PhD degree in English language & linguistics or who is working as a college / university teacher of these disciplines and who is also willing to provide some advice and guidance to Abdur Rehmaan? 

Abdur Rehman could be reached through WhatsApp at the following number: 0092 313 509 2767.

And, his email address is abd.bs4th at gmail.com.
Saaqib MahmoodPhone (WhatsApp): 0092 334 541 7958

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