[AI] Please recommend a good scan stand for iPhone with knfb reader app

Rishi Kewalramani rishi.kewalramani at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 01:17:15 EST 2019

Hi friends,
Is anyone using a scan stand with their mobiles with knfb reader or any
other OCR on their mobiles for scanning documents and books?
Can you suggest a good scan stand that we can use with our iPhones or iPads
to scan documents or books with knfb reader app.
And where can  I procure  it from? Is there any institute like saksham etc
that sell these scan stands?
I have some one coming from the U.S as well, so I can procure it from  there
as well.
So please looking forward  to your  suggestions for a good scan stand to
scan documents and books with our mobiles using the knfb reader app.
Many thanks in advance,
Looking forward to your valuable inputs,

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