[AI] Happy accident: Blind in left eye

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Thu Jan 3 10:52:59 EST 2019

Great!  So blind friends,  get out on to the roads.   Hope for such miraculous accidents . 


> On 03-Jan-2019, at 5:21 PM, Kanchan Pamnani <kanchanpamnani at gmail.com> wrote:
> Happy accident: Blind in left eye, man sees again
> Mumbai Mirror | Jan 1, 2019, 06.00 AM IST Praful Shah 72-year-old Thane
> resident Praful Shah had lost vision to small pox in infancy; can see again
> after an accident; docs say he was probably never 100% blind. A peculiar
> medical condition resulting from a brush with death turned out to be a
> newyear blessing for a septuagenarian. On December 22, Thane resident
> Praful Shah was riding pillion with his nephew Dhiren when their bike
> tripped on metro construction material in Mulund. Admitted to Fortis
> hospital with multiple fractures and cuts and bruises, Shah realised he
> could see from his left eye, in which he had lost vision to small-pox as a
> oneyear-old. While Shah and family would like to cling to the “miracle”
> theory, doctors say vision can’t be restored in cases of 100 per cent
> blindness, so it might be that Shah had never lost sight completely. “The
> fact that Shah has regained his vision means he was never 100 per cent
> blind in the left eye,” Dr TP Lahane, renowned ophthalmologist from
> government-run JJ Hospital, told Mirror. Dr Lahane said it’s possible that
> trauma to Shah’s right eye during the recent accident led to activation of
> muscles in the left eye, helping the 72-year-old see again. The earlier
> condition of not being able to see from one eye could, according to Dr
> Lahane, be a condition called amblyopia, which can result from not being
> able to focus clearly. Amblyopia, he said, can either be caused by
> misalignment of the two eyes or decreased vision in one or both eyes due to
> abnormal development of vision during infancy. Shah and his family,
> however, are thanking god and their stars. “Since childhood, my uncle was
> unable to see from his left eye. When he met with an accident, his right
> eye was injured and swollen. We got worried and started asking if he could
> see from his right eye. We were shocked when he said that he can see from
> his left eye as well,” said Shah’s nephew Mayur, adding that the family
> thought that he was confused after the accident. “When he insisted, we
> contacted the doctors who refused to believe us. “It’s been some days now,
> and he can still see from both the eyes. It is bound to be a miracle,” said
> Mayur, adding that they have seen Shah pointing to a spider web around the
> window which wasn’t visible to anyone else. Discharged from the hospital on
> Saturday, Shah told Mirror, “In the past 70 years, my parents and I visited
> several doctors. I put everything behind me. Life must go one, I told
> myself. It has been a happy accident.” According to Dr Lahane, the trauma
> probably shifted vision from the right eye to left. He said that it’s
> possible that it will go back to square one after the victim recovers
> completely from his injuries. Until them, though, Shah and his family are
> basking in the rare happiness.
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