[AI] Accessibility tester required in Chennai HCL.

Swati Sinha swatisinha13 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 01:32:38 EST 2019

Hello access Indians,
Happy new year 2019 to all!!

We have following openings in Chennai for accessibility program in HCL
Technologies. Let us know if you have any references for these
positions in Chennai.

Roles	#
Offshore PM	1
Offshore Dev	1
Offshore Engineers	9
Offshore PWDs 	2
Offshore Leads	3
Kindly, send your resume/ CV to
Krishan_m at hcl.com
Please note, your mail must contain a cover letter stating your
capabilities along with the designation you are applying for.

Swati Sinha

when things don't seem to be going your way, always know that God has
a plan for you. If you place your trust in Him, He will give you great
gifts. We don't always know what God's plans are for us. We just know
that His ways are not our ways, but His ways are always best.

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