[AI] Signatures/ signing how do you deal with it?

Nagababu Arepalli nagababu892 at gmail.com
Mon May 14 07:34:52 EDT 2018

the thumb print will do.

On 5/12/18, john clayton <nishantrana3 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
>  I have been wondering this for a while now,and have had discussions with a
> few of my blind friends on this, but here is the question for all of you.
> Some say that practice is the thing, some suggest signature guides? a sort
> of a plastik thingy that you can use to sign, but really I am not quite
> clear on this one.
> But what do you do if you dont know the letters at all?
> And obviously or so I imagine it, it would be pretty difficult if not
> impossible? to get the signature to appear identical from 1 to the other.
> I am writing here as I was playing with the notion of applying to the SBIPO
> and other govt exams, and saw that you need to upload a signature along
> with your proof of identity. Would a thumbprint do here as well? or just
> squiggle up a signature the best you know, and then later on write to the
> authorities and tell them whats what?
> How did the rest of you deal with situations where you necessarilly need to
> sign, or the ones that are or were working in the govt/ banking sector.
> What did you do,how did you deal with it.
> Looking forward to your replys, preferably a CC or a BCC to my Email as
> well along with the list if so you wish.
> Cheers,
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