[AI] Regarding pitch and speed ranges of Victor Reader Trekk

Arijeet Patil arijeetvinaypatil at gmail.com
Wed May 9 13:03:45 EDT 2018

Dear friends,
Would like your inputs soon on this. This is of paramount importance to me as I have not had any electronic gadget with audio-editing features in the past year and my Plextalk, the only other gadget meeting my above-mentioned parameters, is not updating.
Arijeet Patil.
9th Grade school student, Mumbai.

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Subject: Regarding pitch and speed ranges of Victor Reader Trekk
Dear all,
I am intent on buying the newly-released Victor Reader Trekk. I have been hearing about its trademark GPS as well as bluetooth capabilities and it’s greatly-enhanced memory and sd capacity from the older models.
I would like to know one more detail about this easy to use and incredible gadget window to the world for us. Has there been any change in the speed or pitch ranges from the earlier model? I would like to know this out of general curiosity as well as because I like to equalize the speeds and pitches of all my electronics that support them to a set value.
Hope to hear soon.

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