[AI] Denied access to hospitals without assistant

Poonam poonam.vaidya at gmail.com
Wed May 9 09:02:16 EDT 2018

Hi friends,
Last month, I was admitted into Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Hospital in 
Kochi. Before going, I had met the main doctor, Dr. Srikanth in the 
Sreedhareeyam clinic Bangalore and discussed plans about going to the 
hospital without an assistant. He suggested that I have an assistant for 
the first 3 days since I was new and then I could manage alone. So this 
is what I did. However, on the second last day before my assistant was 
due to leave, the doctors started saying it would not be possible for me 
to stay alone. The reason they gave me was that I did not have enough 
vision to manage. I had already arranged laundry, cafeteria services, 
etc and there was absolutely nothing I could not do alone. However, they 
still said no and I had to return.
Another Naturopathy hospital, Jindal also has continuously denied me 
treatment and finally agreed if I take the most expensive accomodation 
with an assistant.
I am writing this to ask any of you who know about the legal angle of 
denying a person with disability into a  hospital/clinic without an 
assistant. I really do not need an assistant nor do I feel comfortable 
having one. Does the 2016 PWD Act have anything on this? The two 
hospitals are private, not government funded.
I plan to write to the NHAB (National Health Accreditation Board), the 
hospital authorities and some journalist friends. Any more suggestions 
are welcome.


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