[AI] How to cope with graudal vision loss-part 4

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Tue May 8 05:10:56 EDT 2018


How do you convince a person who as gradual vision loss condition to
use white cane? My thoughts are in the below blogpost. Please read and
add your thoughts to it.

How to cope with gradual vision loss (Part 4)

Nope, my intention is not to bore you out of your mind by talking
about white cane again. I write this because so many people still
hesitate to grab the white cane and discover the feeling of
liberation. No gradual vision loss patient knows that white cane has
the magic to put the swagger back on your steps: Go grab your white
cane, and it ain’t a shame.

Perhaps the biggest problem a person losing vision gradually faces is
the constant question “what do they all think?”

The simple answer they would come to understand as they reconcile with
their vision condition is...”it doesn’t matter what everyone else

Because it’s not “they” who live your life, or face the kind of
challenges you face, or struggle to get back on your own two feet when
good vision diminishes slowly into a foggy obscurity. And it’s not
“they” who would realise for the first time that you need to endure
something you never imagined you’d face in a million years.

The rest of the blog is at: http://grapplingwithrp.wordpress.com

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