[AI] FW: Revived Concern About Accessibility of TOI and NDTV on iOS

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Fri May 4 14:46:18 EDT 2018

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Subject: FW: Revived Concern About Accessibility of TOI and NDTV on iOS

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From: Arijeet Patil <Arijeetvinaypatil at gmail.com> 
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Subject: Revived Concern About Accessibility of TOI and NDTV on iOS

Dear friends,
Since this subject was last raised, I feel that TOI largely still remains inaccessible mostly in terms of navigation and article-reading, and that NDTV may have returned to it's original inaccessible state.
I feel that it is important to prioritize on these issues otherwise we will not be able to enjoy valuable news sources which our sited friends out there can easily access, gaining awareness about the latest what's ons and thus making them even more conscious citizens.
Would like to hear your valuable opinions and ideas and further extend this discussion.
Best regards,

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From: gatak singh <gataksingh.gurudeva at gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [Ai] Regarding Possible Discontinuation of and Bugs onNVDA and Inaccessibility of INDTV and partially IToi

I don't use ND tv app. however, republic TV app on android also has so many accessibility issues.

On 1/21/18, Arijeet Patil <arijeetvinaypatil at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I would like to highlight and bring to your notice that the IOS 
> version of NDTV is not great with respect to accessibility, with 
> several unlabled buttons to be pressed leading up to the main news 
> colum. I am aware that TOI is also partially inaccessible, though I 
> don't think this is the case and would sincerely like an update from 
> you. I hope that we will be able to reach out to the developers and 
> get this sorted.
> I would also want to raise the question of has NVDA been discontinued?
> There
> have been no updates in 3 months, and the latest version is giving 
> bugs on my computers relating to Mathtype, where in the screenreader 
> is not recognising that content at all and thus alt backslash-pressing 
> and the accessibility of Mathtype are broken.
> Are any of you facing these issues to?
> Would gladly like to know.
> Arijeet.
> PS. I apologise for the last few lines of this Email being in 
> subscript as I often press ctrl+equals by mistake when aiming to press
> ctrl+backspace to delete a word.
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