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Is blindness a sickness, a disability or a different way of experiencing life?

What do you think?

Here's my take on the issue in my new blogpost. Please read and share
your views and comments.

Is blindness a sickness, a disability or a different way of experiencing life?

It’s strangely amusing how some people react to your challenge.
There’re those who blame you for finding yourself in a difficult
situation. And there’re those who chide you, with all good intentions
of course, for having failed to care enough to avoid trouble.

The funny thing is, people just project their own ideas and
imaginations in another man’s life without ever bothering to
understand his challenges. I never doubt the good intention behind
every frantic attempt to rescue us from the bind. But, as people often
say, the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.

As for me, people often react to my challenge with alarm, disbelief,
and, more often than not, pity. I once remember a woman in my
neighbourhood holding my single hand in two of hers and squeezing it
with all her might, all along crying that I should petition to god;
demand what I truly deserve.

That experience, as you can see, had left me with a bruised hand and
nothing else. And there’re those others who would thrust a sheet of
paper in my palm, begging me to consult the doctor and assuring me
that my particular affliction would be cured “with god’s will.” And I
would stand in the middle of the street or in the railway platform
clenching that piece of paper and wondering whether those kindly folks
have actually scratched out the address to heaven.

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