[AI] Volunteers for VIBEWA meeting at Mumbai in June

Vamshi. G gvamshiai at gmail.com
Tue May 1 01:22:04 EDT 2018

Dear friends,

After a successful meeting at Chennai with the attendance crossing a
half a century, VIBEWA plans to organise the next meeting in june in
the west, in the financial capital of the country.  Mumbai is not only
the home for many blind bankers, but also  the place where most banks
have their corporate offices.  Therefore, VIBEWA would make efforts to
meet the managements of those banks to sensitise them about the actual
working conditions of visually challenged bankers.

As we always say, VIBEWA is not an organisation run by a few, but a
platform for every blind banker to play a role and make a difference
in his life and lives around.  This fact was exemplarily demonstrated
by exuberant young bankers in Chennai who were instrumental in the
success of the meet.

Now we look for similar partnership from Mumbaikars!  We want a team
of volunteers to work  for organising a meeting in the month of the
june.  The areas of involvement are as follows:

1.  Reaching out to maximum members in Maharashtra and surroundings to
ensure their participation

2.  Registration of members and maintaining database of the meett.

3.  Venue and catering services

4.  Reaching out to top managements of banks in Mumbai for appointments

We invite enthusiastic people to partner with us in successfully
organising the meeting which will be in the month of June.

Wondering what you can do?  Please don't think what you can do.  As
long as you want to do, we will have something to do together.  Please
get in touch with

Rajesh Asudani
rajeshasudani at rbi.org.in



gvamshiai at gmail.com


Please feel free to pass on this information widely.



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