[AI] request for support on the following points

Siva Suresh sivasureshkatta at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 21:29:57 EDT 2018

hello acces Indians across india.

I personally thank every one for prize less support you are extending
for all my queries and needs. I thank the modarater for allowing this
platform as a great support for every one in india. now I am in need
of some thing which is very important. I have to record my skype calls
as they are very ergent and needed. kindly extend your support I am
using windows 10 and skype latest version. I can able to record  if I
use speakers but not over hed phones. is there any way to record skype
calls using hedphones? please help me.

Thank you Shivasuresh

thank you and warm regards.
reach me through the following means
mobile no. 9550437181.
e- mail I D sivasureshkatta at gmail.com
skype I D sivasuresh.katta

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