[AI] request for 1 year advance computer training program at AICB

Siva Suresh sivasureshkatta at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 13:53:17 EDT 2018

Dear friends.
I thank Paulmuddha and mukesh for your quick and prompt responses.
Paulmuddha thank you for your contact number. I feel very glad about
your interest in supporting fellow visually impaired friends.

For me its just a concern for her as a girl and I like her interest in
going to delhi. I don’t want to disappoint or discourage any ones
interest. So I am requesting all. if any one who has already attended
1 year advance computer training program at AICB Delhi can respond to
my mail. The reasone is I want to ensure that every thing is in place
before going there.
Please extend your support.
once again thank you all for reading my mails and extending your great
support by all possible meens.
Thank you Shivasuresh

thank you and warm regards.
reach me through the following means
mobile no. 9550437181.
e- mail I D sivasureshkatta at gmail.com
skype I D sivasuresh.katta

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