[AI] Advanced-Braille-Keyboard for android first beta version released

Nalin.x.Linux nalin.x.linux at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 02:31:58 EST 2018

Dear friends,

Since there is a refund button and updates are free, pricing template
remain same.
Latest updates are as follows,

1 New Braille Screen Input types - Automatic-Drag and
2 Conflict with Touch-By-Explore by passed through self voicing while
TalkBack being suspended.
3 Option to set Command Touch hold delay (Thanks to David Chittenden).
4 Polish Tables Added (Thanks to Boguslaw Marek and Anwar N).
5 Bug fixes.

Here is the basic steps to start using A.B.K's Braille Screen Input.
1 Update Android Accessibility Suite(TalkBack).
2 Enable TalkBack suspend shortcut.
3 Open A.B.K from Home screen or from the list of applications.
4 tap 'Enable Braille Keyboard' and check it from the list.
5 Tap 'Switch to Braille Keyboard' and select A.B.K.
6 Double tap on text area, suspend TalkBack and start typing after dragging
six finger on screen.

Braille Screen commands are listed in the attached User-Guide which is
under active development.
Comments are most welcome.

Link for beta testing :

I am inviting all of you to our google group

Thanking you Nalin.

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