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I shared this article because this is what will happen to us when we need to check our  currency notes thanks to the RBI's reliance on an App. 

The reality in India is that we don’t want to enforce computers for exams because the electricity can fail but the  same argument is not being used against the RBI  when currency notes have to be checked and connectivity cannot be relied upon. 

This article shows India's reality . I didn’t invent this article. This has been our stand against RBI and our own folks let us down on this trip to reliance on modern technology.

Hopefully someone will take this fight further. 



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Why these teachers need to climb trees in school every day

*         The Times of India (New Delhi edition)

*         8 Oct 2018


Daltonganj: Every morning, the six teachers at Upgraded Plus Two School in Sohri Khas village, 41km from here in Jharkhand’s Palamu district gather at the courtyard. In their hands is a tablet connected to a biometric reader on which they have to record their thumbprints for attendance. The problem is the internet connection is frequently absent. This forces two or three of the teachers to climb a palash tree in the school campus while the students watch. On a good day, they get a weak connection high on the tree’s branches.

“There is no internet connectivity on our campus at all. We can access a very weak 2G network if we climb up the tree and wait, but even that is quite unreliable,” says Arpan Kumar Gupta, a teacher. Not all of the teachers can climb the tree, certainly not every day. The rest have to fall back on conventional methods.

“When the tablet does not connect to the internet, we mark our attendance on the register. There has to be some record,” Gupta adds.

They are not alone in this predicament. Across northwestern Jharkhand, teachers at several schools have been unable to record their attendance online, as part of a new state government initiative, because the infrastructure in the rural parts of the state is just not up to the task of handling the demands of digital connectivity.

Under the Gyanodaya scheme launched by CM Raghubar Das in 2017, the state government began distributing tablets to schools. The devices were pre-in- stalled with the e-Vidya Vahini app, which records biometric attendance of teachers and also monitors the admission and drop-out rates and other parameters.

Periodically, progress reports on teachers and students, academic performances and inspections (which are filled by the respective cluster or block resource person) are also to be filed through the app. The school at Sohri Khas, which has 800 students, got the tablet on September 25. The palash tree has been their saviour ever since.


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