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Dipendra Manocha dipendra.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 07:17:13 EDT 2018

Dear friends

I am happy to share the news of AD track of the movie "Sanju" being prepared
in the studios of Mr Rajkumar Hirani so that the same could be made
available while the movie is being shown in the halls. While the audio track
reaches us after crossing all legal and procedural hurdles, I have something
exciting to share in the mean while.

Before going any further, I would like to express my special appreciation to
Ms Rummi Seth and Mr Narender Joshi from saksham and TrackOne Studios  to
lead such an important initiative.  I would also like to convey special
thanks to Mr Kunal Prasad and Ms Dipti prasad who are the co-founder of the
company that created the app XL Cinema. All these individuals along with the
teams at Saksham, XL Cinema and Trackone Studios have gone out of their way
and worked day and night on  this initiative. All this would not have been
possible without the support that Saksham received from Sapient through
their CSR program.  All modifications in the XL Cinema app and the whole
facility has been provided completely free of cost by  Kunal and Dipti. We
would like to convey our special thanks for the support of Mr Rajkumar
hirani and the team members Mr Sahil and Ms Neha for the support and
cooperation to prepare the audio description track of the movie.

The audio description facility synchronised with mainstream movie show is
going to be available through the app. The name of this app is "XL Cinema".
This app is available for both Android and IOS. Thus you can enjoy the
audio description on any android phone or on the IPhone. Of course, you will
need to purchase the ticket of the movie and go to the movie hall to enjoy
the movie along with the audio description.

XL Cinema app was created originally for listening the movie in language
other than the one being played in the movie hall. Creators of this app have
introduced a special feature and a mode in this app for enabling listening
to audio descriptions too. They have also spent lot of effort in making this
app accessible with the talkback and voice over. 

I am providing a brief description and steps on how this app can be used
while mainstream movie is being shown on television or in a movie hall. An
audio tutorial for this has also been created in Hindi and will be
circulated by Saksham through various channels. Audio description of the
all-time favourite movie Sholay is available right away through this app for
you to try out the use of this app for audio description. You can play the
mainstream movie Sholay directly from YouTube and listen to audio
description through this app while the movie is playing on your device.  If
you do not have a very reliable internet connection, then I would recommend
you to download the movie and then play it on your device for smooth

Note, Your phone should have internet connection to use this app. You will
need to download the Audio Description Track once before the start of the
movie. After this too it is recommended that internet connectivity remains
active. However, if due to any reason, internet connectivity is not there,
the audio description would still work. Internet connectivity provides
better synchronisation of audio description with movie's original audio.

Once you download and install the app from google play store or App Store on
the IPhone, you will need to open and register yourself for the first time.
You can fill in all information such as your mail ID etc. or use option of
registering using your google or Facebook account. You will need to verify
and validate the information to complete the information. This registration
is a onetime  process and this process will not be required  when you open
the app again.

Once registration is complete, you will land on the home page of the app.
Here, on the right top corner of the app area, you will find button to
switch the audio description mode on/off. Switch this mode on as it will
provide a simple to use interface to enjoy the audio description.

The app will provide short message about audio description facility. You can
then navigate to button labelled as "Proceed to enable AD mode". Double tap
on this button to activate the AD mode of XL Cinema app. The app remembers
your preference and next time when you open the app it will take you
straight in the Audio Description mode itself.

First screen of app I AD mode has two buttons on left top and right top
corners for menu and AD mode on/off.
Below these buttons we have a bar from left with buttons for "Hone", audio
description, my audio tickets and Notifications". We can ignore this bar as
of now.

Below this bar we will get list of movies for which audio description track
is available. We will also have a button labelled "download data files for
the content". double tap on this button to begin download of the Audio
Description track. 

Once download is complete, we get two buttons on the screen below the name
of the movie: "Delete Audio Track" and "Play Audio Ticket". To listen  to
the audio description we need to double tap on "Play Audio Ticket" button.
This will being up another screen where the app is now ready to synchronise
the audio description track with the audio of the movie. This
synchronisation is essential as the app needs to know the exact position of
the movie  to deliver the audio description at the right place. On this
screen you will have a button labelled: "Click to sync and play your
track/shake your phone". "

Now, let the movie begin in the movie hall or   from YouTube or  on
television. Once the movie has started,  simply shake your phone. Else, you
could double tap on the button "Click to sync and play your track". On doing
this, your phone with vibrate once. Note, at this time, headphone should not
be  attached to the phone. The app will also give you the message that it is
now synchronising the Audio Description Track. After few seconds, mobile
with vibrate again. You will also receive a message if the synchronisation
is successful or not. If synchronisation is successful, you can simply plug
in your headphones and start listening to the audio description of the

On the screen while audio description is being played, you will have
following options:

A.	Play/pause: This will pause the audio description. On double tap on
same button, the audio description track will begin from same place where
you paused it. 
B.	Synchronise again: if after pause or due to any other reason the
audio description is not being played at right place, you can use this
option to synchronise the audio description with the audio being played in
the mainstream movie.
C.	Refresh: This button will do fine adjustment is audio is slightly
off from right position.
D.	Manual fine adjustment: This is set of three controls for  manual
minor adjustment of the audio description track.
E.	Interval: Pressing this button pauses the audio description and
brings up a popup screen to restart the audio description. In the  movies
being released in movie halls, the pause of audio description will happen
automatically and there may not be a need to press the interval button.
However, the restart button would need to be pressed after the interval.

It is highly recommended to try out the app with the Sholay movie for two

1.	The movie is simply  one of the greatest movies and you will  enjoy
this movie like never before with fantastic audio descriptions.
2.	You will get the experience and will be ready to go to the movie
hall and enjoy the "Sanju" movie as soon as the audio track of the same is

The work  on audio description is already complete. We are getting some last
step required clearances for getting access to the audio tracks and now this
is expected to come to us any day.

It is essential that we are well prepared and that is why the long awaited
Sholay is made available in this format for our practise.

Let us know your experience of the app on the e-mail info at saksham.org or
through Saksham Whatsapp groups so that the same can be improved further.


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