[AI] Self doubt is the worst enemy to progress.

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Self doubt is the worst enemy to progress. It often begins like a
faint dot in the horizon and snowballs into an avalanche that shatters
our confidence. For persons with disability, it’s vital that we snuf
out self-doubt before it could sneak up and topple us. Here’s my
blogpost on why doubt could be our worst enemy.


As you may have noticed, the blogposts basically focus on the
positives of an individual. Like all of you, I thrive on positive
energy and in a mission to eliminate all negative thoughts. I firmly
believe clearing away negative energy helps us harness our strengths
and transform our lives. I’m working on a newsletter with this
singular purpose.

I brainstormed with Sujitha, a journalist who wanted to work with me
in the project, and we decided it should be more than inspiration. It
should have affirmations to create positive change, profiles of
stellar personalities who broke their shackles and achieved success,
besides book reviews, meditation and a Facebook group to exchange
ideas in creating a positive environment.

Yes, this’d be a community!

This is not an exercise to hand the tablet with Ten Commandments we
brought from the mountain top. I and Sujitha are learning things as we
try transforming our lives as blind people and as professional
journalists and share whatever we learn to you so that we all will
work in our own ways to make positive difference.

Sign up in the below form if you like to be a part of this community.
Also share and pass on this news to friends and family who might like
this idea.

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towards positive experience.

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