[AI] FIX : IndianRail on the internet - issues

bhawani shankar verma bsvermadurg at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 21:25:53 EDT 2018

yes many times, remain same.

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From: Vaishnavi Jayakumar
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Subject: Re: [AI] FIX : IndianRail on the internet - issues

Dear Vinod / BS Verma,

This whole email was regarding the login process! Have you checked this
over the last 24 hours?

Again, I do not know the tech behind this, Mukesh Sharma can best clarify
these doubts.

If the issues I'd mentioned in the email are still preventing IRCTC desktop
login using a screen reader then do let us know so it can be addressed.
Vinod, have not seen the mobile app, let's address that next stage?
Re: [AI] FIX : IndianRail on the internet - issues

Vinod Benjamin
Mon, 09 Jul 2018 04:42:01 -0700

Dear Vishnavi,

Thanks for that eloberate mail on IRCTC accessibility ,
really Appreciate it ,
it would be great the Login page is also addressed, have tried to
access the portel with  loging in by the sighted help still nothing is

in Androyd version : it would be great if they could make the captcha
to be an OTP or accessible Captcha that would be effective at least.
all the other interphases are accessible in Androyd version, at least
to my knowledge ,
the only catch in the APK is tapping some were to login the IRCTC APK.
Vinod Benjamin.

On 7/9/18, bhawani shankar verma <bsvermad... at gmail.com> wrote:
> The points you have mentioned will be encountered after login in to IRCTC.
> where is the login field? I could manage to login in IRCTC with sighted 
> help
> and also got both login and booking OTP within 3 seconds. so, OTP is no
> issue for me. without opening the lock, how you can enter. I request you 
> all
> to please simplify the procedure. in your message nothing about the login
> page. first rectify that login field. also request to please don't suggest
> to switch between screen reader as required. the website must be 
> accessible
> across the screen reader. CCPD have sent notice to IRCTC, ministry of rail
> and railway board regarding the matter.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Vaishnavi Jayakumar
> Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2018 9:17 PM
> To: AccessIndia.org.in
> Subject: [AI] FIX : IndianRail on the internet - issues
> Hi all,
> Was aware of the correspondence
> <https://www.mail-archive.com/search?l=accessindia%40accessindia.org.in&q=subject:%22%5C%5BAI%5C%5D+IRCTC+challenges%5C%21%22&o=newest>
> by many on the recently redesigned IRCTC
> <https://www.mail-archive.com/search?l=accessindia@accessindia.org.in&q=subject:%22Re%5C%3A+%5C%5BAI%5C%5D+IRCTC+new+website%2C+looking+confusing%2C+any+clue%5C%3F%22&o=newest>
> website (beta 
> <http://pib.nic.in/PressReleaseIframePage.aspx?PRID=1533835>)
> and so gatecrashed CRIS
> <http://cris.org.in/criswebsite/crissite/index.jsp#about> when in Delhi a
> few days back - they by the way (as I have been mentioning repeatedly)
> handle the world's largest online reservation system for IRCTC.
> The person I contacted  out of the blue (S.J. Sinha) was supposed to be in
> charge of Passenger Reservation System (PRS) which is now run by Vinod
> Bhatia. S.J. Sinha heads Web Apps - all the 40+ subdomains of
> indianrail.gov.in, mobile apps etc. Anyway, the day I gatecrashed, Mr.
> Sinha was at Railway Bhavan and said someone else would meet me. That was
> Mr. Pitamber Verma - the Chief Project Engineer / Web Applications who was
> welcoming and helpful. Mr. Amit Jha from his team also joined us. However
> anything to do with the ticketing side of things is handled by the PRS 
> team
> - Mr. Yogendra joined from that team.
> All I had grasped about the accessibility problems was the missing OTP
> option - so I mentioned that. Yogendra said it had been fixed a couple of
> days earlier. As I was stumped after that (and more importantly WAVE and
> aChecker couldn't run reports on either www.irctc.co.in or
> www.indianrail.gov.in ) I messaged Srinivasu and asked if all was well on
> the IRCTC booking front. He said it was not OK and promised to send inputs
> later that evening as he was travelling.
> I then called Prashant from NAB. He briefly discussed some of the issues
> still preventing independent booking with Mr. Yogendra. He was not free to
> come over the next morning to fix things then and there with Mr. Yogendra
> but promised that someone else would come along with a screen-reading
> laptop. I bounced the idea of an understanding accessibility workshop with
> Mr. Verma - he was enthusiastic. I was less enthusiastic about mobile apps
> and said a responsive version of the website with offline functionality,
> and camera / GPS access was more than enough rather than the perpetual,
> expensive tweaking required by Android updates and glitches caused by
> enormous variation in device size, specs and UI skin.
> The next morning Mukesh Sharma from NAB and I reached CRIS to find that 
> Mr.
> Yogendra was busy. He suggested we meet the GM/PRS - Vinod Bhatia. We 
> first
> met S.J. Sinha who was familiar with GIGW. He was keen to have a training
> but said getting money would take time. As of now Mukesh has committed for
> a day workshop, the details of which need to be sent across. As Mr.
> Pitamber Verma had mentioned Shaswat's name came up (from Eye-D
> <https://eye-d.in/>) - I think they have been in touch with CRIS about
> accessifying / access audit. As everything is handled inhouse at CRIS, I 
> am
> guessing an occasional access report would suffice with detailed one-off
> training and refreshers for new staff. Anyway, over to Prashant on that
> front.
> *PRS*
> We then met with Mr. Satish, Yogendra's counterpart. They handle NGET
> <http://pib.nic.in/newsite/printrelease.aspx?relid=108681> - Next
> Generation E-Ticketing - IRCTC's CONCERT, counter sales and mobile app.
> First the following issues were flagged for fixes :
> 1) The banner ad that appears (Central Govt achievements etc) - no longer
> there, they have no control and have to carry it. Mukesh said an Escape
> gets rid of it, I think - whatever it is future interstitial ads can have 
> a
> common instruction and deactivation key for screenreaders.
> 2) OTP checkbox was missing a label.
> 3) Suggestions on station list dropdowns read only what is typed and not
> the actual list of stations. There was lack of familiarity with ARIA
> <https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Accessibility/ARIA/Web_applications_and_ARIA_FAQ>,
> Mukesh explained and said he'd send the code.
> 4) Calendar popup to be only on clicking the calendar icon specifically,
> now  it is obscuring the date fields manual entry.
> 5) Despite refreshing the screen, the content remained same for
> screenreaders - apparently another ARIA fix.
> (Anything further than what was discussed above, Mukesh felt would require
> a detailed access audit report. These fixes were sufficient to enable
> independent booking again.)
> We went back and forth on CAPTCHAs. Apparently IRCTC has only ever had
> image and OTP CAPTCHAs. During Tatkal hours 8-12 noon, the image CAPTCHA 
> is
> CRIS-provided, rest of the time there is Simpli5d's NLP CAPTCHAs
> <http://nlpcaptcha.in/en/news_20.html> a commercial party serving up 
> ad-run
> image CAPTCHAs. OTP is available as an option during both Tatkal and
> Non-Tatkal timings. While logical CAPTCHAs - simple text-based math 
> puzzles
> are available to be deployed it would require policy folks to enable the
> same. Audio CAPTCHAs they have had no experience of doing.
> There was definitely less of a time lag after the noon switch, for SMS OTP
> delivery. Despite Mukesh insisting that a high priority option was
> available  for SMS delivery, Satish said that was handled by the provider
> and all SMS went with default priority to avoid partiality. I think a
> logical CAPTCHA needs to be pushed for so that screenreader users do not
> lose out during Tatkal hours because their choice is restricted only to 
> OTP.
> (I am not 100% sure that I have understood this correctly. Requires policy
> level change and a thorough understanding of logic used and weightage)
> There are primarily 3 ticketing quotas - SC (senior citizen), GEN 
> (general)
> and HP (handicapped - which now appears on the home page as Divyang).
> Let's assume that there are 4 quota seats allotted for disabled travellers
> per train. The basic logic employed over the years is that each disabled
> person is accompanied by an assistant / escort. The 2 lower berths are
> always for the disabled traveller, the 2 upper always for the escort. So
> assuming 4 disabled people travelling without escorts,  the first in queue
> will get a lower, the second an upper, the third a lower, the fourth an
> upper.
> Lower berth priority logic in general quota is extended to male above 60,
> female above 45 and pregnant woman - even in this preference is to those
> travelling alone. Even if 3 senior citizens are travelling together, if
> booked on a single ticket, at least 1 will be allotted an upper / middle
> berth. For further clarity, please read this Trainman page
> <https://www.trainman.in/article/indian-railway-quota> .
> That leaves the 'Book only if berth preference is confirmed
> <https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-get-lower-berth-seat-while-booking-through-IRCTC>'
> option - which Satish says is a sizeable chunk of ticket requests.
> It IS possible for logic
> <https://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/railways-extend-seat-quota-for-senior-citizens-females-pregnant-women/>
> and weightage
> <https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/travel/things-to-do/indian-railways-to-offer-unutilised-berths-to-women-first/as63080417.cms>
> changes in berth allocation - that will need to be negotiated with the
> railway board
> <https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/economy/logistics/reservation-quota-for-senior-citizens-in-train-enhanced-by-50/article8390012.ece>.
> Perhaps a meeting after studying some  data ( RTIed if need be) is in
> order.
> I will be sharing contact details of the people contacted with a few 
> people
> based in Delhi as well as the tech accessibility experts. Perhaps for
> streamlining communication we could route requirements via Prashant for 
> web
> accessibility and Murali of NPRD for berth allocation negotiation.
> Hopefully the folks in Delhi will be able to troubleshoot issues directly
> now on a regular basis.
> Vaishnavi

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