[AI] FYI: Why Santosh Kumar Rungta, Gen Sec of National Federation of the Blind should resign

mahesh kumar mahesh09136 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 16:44:54 EDT 2018

Dear friends
You are correctly but how to change this condition  of the nfb because
chor chor mausserae bhaai

On Fri, 6 Jul 2018 1:19 pm avinash shahi, <shahi88avinash at gmail.com> wrote:
> Why Santosh Kumar Rungta, Gen Sec of National Federation of the Blind
> should resign
> 1.      Despite of the members constant reminders/request, he considers
> NFB’s Constitution as his personal property; and not uploading
> constitution on the website.
> 2.      over the last 15 years, money worth more than Rs 40 crores has
> sanctioned as housing loans to his close confidants; and they are not
> returning money to the federation with 8% interest. Members are
> demanding him to upload the consolidated list of loanies, defaulters
> and recovery status on NFB’s website. He however is admant and
> refusing to upload the document on the website which casts huge
> suspicion that he and his minnions have indulged in financial thept
> which has caused distrust among donors and the members of the
> federation.
> 3.      He has submitted false and fabricated data to the NITI Aayog about
> the source of income and he’s been exposed with cheating and
> conspiracy for misleading  the members by telling lie that he doesn’t
> take grants from the government for the federation.
> 4.      He’s practicing nepotism and patronizing his stooges at the
> of the ordinary members of the federation.
> 5.      He’s arbitrarily granting membership and removing active members
> and not allowing membership to new applicants. He has without official
> notification on the website,preponed elections by an year which barred
> many new applicants to seek membership.
> 6.      Despite several requests/reminders, he has not uploaded annual
> reports,  balance sheet, list of education-loan
> holders/self-employment loan holders, list of employees plus where
> he’s invested money since 1978.
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> Avinash Shahi
> Doctoral student at Centre for Law and Governance JNU
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