[AI] Social stereotyping faced by women with disability

Sujitha J sujitha.upbeat at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 04:47:40 EDT 2018

This article speaks about social stereotyping, do tell me if it
resonates with you.
Looking forward for your feedback,

If you are fat, ,  if you are short, if you are not good-looking, if
you are  dark and  if you have  disability of one kind or other,  I am
sorry. You are not in the consideration of men that seek a fair, slim,
     great looking and  supermodel for a wife.
Writing in Soul Curri  of The Times of India, Rumi Kashyap brought out
 best, the  woes of women who don't have  the so called symmetry of
perfectly sculpted body and women who are not able to   fit  within
existing social constructs. "...The girl who is always a best friend
and never a girlfriend."
"Friends, I know that feeling for myself.
I am blind. And I am young.
Guys would call me an inspiration, but I know I never can inspire them
to write  a poem for me... Read the full article at link.

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