[AI] FW: Contact details

Kanchan Pamnani kanchanpamnani at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 03:58:47 EDT 2018

I am doing it the reverse way-Please help. 

The following persons are requested very humbly to send your contact details directly to  [rosy.ncpedp at gmail.com] 


1.       Payyal  Kapoor  Hyderabad2.       Atul Sahay Jharkhand, 

3.       Prakash Andhare, Nagpur, 

4.       Naseema Hazruk Kolhapur, 

5.       Rohit Trivedi, arushi Bhopal, 

6.       Dhanjay Savitribhai  Phule –Poona University,

7. Someone from SRCV Cochin 



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