[AI] IRCTC new website, looking confusing, any clue?

Faizal K A faizal.unique at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 11:26:04 EDT 2018

Hi Mohib,

Today I could book tickets through IRCTC. I booked 2 tickets. Today
OTP was coming as usual. There are 2 methods which I tried to book the
tickets. For onward I used the following method.

Opened the web page

Then activated the link list and clicked on agent log in.

After clicking this link I got the website as before. Then I followed
old step to book my ticket.

For return I used the following method

Opened the web page

Then Quit Jaws.
Than activated NVDA.
Then activated link list and pressed L till I here Log in and hit enter there.

After that even NVDA was not announcing anything. Then I tried with
insert+tab key and then it said user name edit. There I entered
username and then pass word by pressing tab and after that I got a
check box which was un checked by default and I assumed that it was
for OTP for visually impaired as usual and after  ticking the check
box I pressed enter on log in then I received my OTP and then I
confirmed with insert+tab and my focus was already on OTP edit box and
I entered my OTP and hit on submit. So like that I could log in. After
that I quit NVDA and Tried with Jaws. and after log in for me Jaws was
supporting. But here I noticed that there are some places for both
Jaws and NVDA are not supporting. For example as soon as we log in we
have to enter from, to and date and then we have to select the coach
and then we have to tick on divyang option if we are using railway ID
card and click on find trains.

After that in case if we want to choose handicapped quota there the
quota options are displayed in the form of compo box. This compo box
is not reading with Jaws and NVDA. Here after opening the compo box I
pressed arrow key and confirmed with Insert+tab. So after selecting
the appropriate train and coach just below we can see the option
called get availability and fair So I clicked this option and I could
see the availability and fair and like before just below the
availability of particular date I could see the option of book now.
And here again initially we will see the field to fill only 1
passenger details. In case we are booking with escort after filling
all the details of first passenger we have to click add another
passenger link to book for escort.

Then after filling all the details I entered my second OTP and click
on next. There I could see the options almost same like before for
making the payment.

Just let you know that I am using Windows 7 64 bit with Jaws 18.

"Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that
happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward
achieving something
bigger and better than your current situation."
Have a fantastic day ahead!
Warm Regards,
Faizal K.A
Corporate trainer and
ACE Experiences Asia Private Limited,
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