[AI] Anyone using Speed Dots Tactile screen protector with their iPhones?

Rishi Kewalramani rishi.kewalramani at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 09:03:48 EDT 2018

Hi friends,
Is anyone using the Speed Dots tactile screen protector with their iPhones.
If yes, are they helpful?
are they available in India, say from Saksham or any other organization?
there seems to be 2 types, standard and advanced. Was wondering which is

And I wanted to know Do these tactile dotted screen guards obstruct our
other works when we are not typing, say when we are browsing, you tubing
Do the embossed  dots come in the way of our gestures etc?

For those who do not know about these Speed Dots Tactile screen protectors
for iPhones, you may visit their website which is as follows,

Your valuable feedback is really appreciated,
Many thanks in advance,

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