[AI] Indian Express RTI findings: (9, 339 out of 29.59 lakh) of the present central government workforce belong to disability category.

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Mon Jul 13 23:55:42 PDT 2015

The IE is widely read for its investigative journalism. They did
similar exercise in 2012 also. This finding is very timely and DOPT
will have to ensure special recruitment drives are taken out to employ
the disabled. The Apex Court also while entertaining contempt petition
has reprimanded the DOPT for not implementing the reservation
provision in a time-bound manner. We want RPD Bill to be discussed in
upcoming session starting from 21 July as expected,  however we also
want huge overdue bacalogue be filled by December 2015 as circular of
the government has promised in written.... Friends do share this
Indian Express's RTI finding widely on FB and twitter. If 5 tousands
people put this on their FB walls it will work wonders!
Read on
At a time when the country is celebrating Ira Singhal’s achievement in
topping UPSC, the fact remains that disabled candidates occupy only a
10th of the central government posts reserved for them. The
reservation is 3 per cent for the disabled category but only 0.3 per
cent (9,339 out of 29.59 lakh) of the present central government
workforce belong to that category, according to an RTI reply to The
Indian Express from the Department of Personnel and Training.

The DoPT said in its response dated June 30, 2015, that the data is
for 71 departments of the Union government. The government has 91
departments, including the President and Vice President’s
secretariats, but DoPT did not specify which departments are absent
from the information provided. The data does not include contractual
staff and consultants because they do not come under the purview of

Avinash Shahi
Doctoral student at Centre for Law and Governance JNU

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