[AI] some doubts, experts please reply on this!!!!

timy sebastian ettumanoor timyseba at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 16:58:28 PDT 2015

dear friends, hope all are fine.

I would like to ask you some of my doubts  here.

1. is there any way to listen the movie  subtitle with elequence voice 
and how?

2. how can I type backqote? and which compination keys I should use for it?

3. currently,  my micromax  android mobile stopp working, problem is its 
board has certain complaints, so, want to use android in my windows 7 32 
bit system, any solution  my dear  friends? anyone knows any software 
which is more accessable to screen reader?

  please, don't suggest BlueStacks, it is not free.

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