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Very unfortunate. However I'm not at all surprised. I still remember
that during the protest against ill-conceived RPD Bill 2014, when we
young blind girl and boys were incessantly lathi-charged,  the DPI
chair and India's DRG convener in question employed dishonest means to
outclass our efforts. He used all his conections with Congress
Matriarch to see RPD Bill passed in the last session of the UPA II
government. Thanks god it was averted courtesy collective action
undertaken by disabled people across the country.  If everything had
gone as he conceptualized and pushed for, the entire credit could have
gone to him and he would have become Lodestar from India. As is the
case with the PWD Act 1995 where many who worked with him or have been
patronized, have argued that it all began from him.  This action by
the DPI should serve lessons for all self-proclaimed NGO leaders to
respect democracy and the power of collective voice. Likewise, the
ordinary disabled people whose lives are mortgaged by few NGOs need to
be alert and attentive. Note: again this should not be construed as
NGO bashing, these are observations of a disabled researcher which
should be braught in the public.

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Page 1
Disabled Peoples’InternationalOrganisation Mondiale des Personnes
HandicapéesOrganización Mundial de Personas con Discapacidadﻦﯿﻴﻗﻮﻌﻤﻟاﺍ
صﺹﺎﺨﺷﻼﻟ ﺔﯿﻴﻟوﻭﺪﻟاﺍ ﺔﻤﻈﻨﻤﻟاﺍ1DPI World Council Meeting 2015Dhaka
StatementDate: June 28 – 30, 2015 Place: DhakaBeing fully aware of
spirit of DPI as a grass root cross disability organization
democratically representing persons with disability worldwide, and
based on DPI constitution and bylaws and in particular:Article 1 of
the constitution that states that the principal seat of DPI is in
Canada and can only be changed by a decision of the World
CouncilArticle 3 of the constitution that states that membership shall
be decided by the World Council after relevant study by the regional
council and assemblyArticle 6 of the constitution concerning the
termination of membership that states that a decision for expulsion by
the World Council requires an opinion of the relevant regional council
and need to be passed by a two-third majority of those present and
voting to become valid and that offending member shall begiven due
notice and an opportunity to respond and be granted an opportunity to
appeal the decision to theWorld CouncilArticle 11 of the constitution
that states that the World Council is composed of five members from
every region, elected by the regions and that in no case shall the
World Council have more than onerepresentative per nation among the
councilors elected for the region and that the World Council should
decide on the number and boundaries of the regions, deal with
membership questions, decide on rules of procedure for the World
council, appoint an executive director and decide the location of the
DPI secretariatArticle 12 of the constitution that states that affairs
of DPI in between meetings of World Council are dealtwith by the
executive officers and that it is the responsibility of the executive
officers to bring matters to the World Council for decision and to
carry out the tasks set by the World CouncilIn addition to DPI bylaws
concerning membership and disciplinary procedures and responsibilities
of theexecutive officers that state that it is the secretary that
assist in planning meetings and developing agendaitems and that
regional representatives need to be included in the executiveThe DPI
World Council extraordinary meeting in Bangladesh between the 28 and
30thof June, 2015 expresses its deep concerns to the unity, status and
image of DPI as a constitutional, transparent anddemocratic
organization and strongly believe that this image has been damaged as
a result of theautocratic leadership style of DPI chair Javed Abidi.
This is why it has decided to withdrawconfidence in the present chair
Javed Abidi based on the following:© DPI 2015
Page 2
Disabled Peoples’InternationalOrganisation Mondiale des Personnes
HandicapéesOrganización Mundial de Personas con Discapacidadﻦﯿﻴﻗﻮﻌﻤﻟاﺍ
صﺹﺎﺨﺷﻼﻟ ﺔﯿﻴﻟوﻭﺪﻟاﺍ ﺔﻤﻈﻨﻤﻟاﺍ21. Most decisions in the name of DPI have
been taken unilaterally by the chair without any approvalby the World
Council and consultation with the executive officers. Among others,
this includes:A-The closing of the official seat of DPI in Canada and
running the organization by a non DPI staff in Delhi and without an
executive directorB-The dismissal of DPI executive director without
the consent of the world council asstated in the constitution that has
caused damaging effects on DPI work and prestige and relationship with
major fundersC-The unilateral announcement of controversial DPI
political decisions in the United Nations and other platforms that
undermined the unity of the disability movement withoutany approval
from the executive officersD-The unilateral declaration of the
formation of new regions in Russia and Arab worldE- His
unconstitutional intervention in countries where DPI is established by
revoking elected leadership and replacing it by a new one as it has
happened in the case of Mauritius, and replacing actual member
organizations with new ones as was the case in Bangladesh, Tunis,
Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, and LebanonF- Adopting new members in
DPI without the approval of their regions and the World Council such
as countries like Armenia, Moldavia and UkraineG- The creation of a
new region within Europe without recourse to the European region and
without asking for the approval of the World CouncilH- His creation of
major frictions with the international disability movement by creating
open conflict with the International Disability Alliance (IDA) without
any support by theexecutive officers or the World Council. 2. Opposite
to the terms of the constitution and bylaws as stated above, the chair
has publicized aWorld Council member list different from the
legitimate one that is nominated by the regions asthe Constitution and
bylaws stipulate. Two names from the Asia Pacific region are included
in thelist and not legitimate (including the chair himself) because
they are not nominated by their region. The chair has also
unilaterally deleted the membership of Lebanon from DPI and denied as
aresult the membership in the World Council of the representative of
Lebanon and the Arab region based on Seoul and Durban World Council
decisions3. The chair has totally ignored World Council decisions in
Seoul and Durban to form an Arab region and accept six Arab countries
members in this new region. Instead he unilaterally declared
theformation of a new Arab region with membership different from the
ones accepted in Durban and with most of them do not match DPI
conditions for membership © DPI 2015
Page 3
Disabled Peoples’InternationalOrganisation Mondiale des Personnes
HandicapéesOrganización Mundial de Personas con Discapacidadﻦﯿﻴﻗﻮﻌﻤﻟاﺍ
صﺹﺎﺨﺷﻼﻟ ﺔﯿﻴﻟوﻭﺪﻟاﺍ ﺔﻤﻈﻨﻤﻟاﺍ34. The chair has convened a meeting of the
World Council in New Delhi where some legal membersof the Council were
not invited and others nonmembers were invited to attend with full
voting power 5. The chair has initiated an electronic vote that is not
agreed upon by the World Council and imposed the vote as legal and
binding6. The chair has not properly answered some executive officers
and world council members on issuesthey raised questions about and
instead he, many times replied by vulgar personal attacks7. The chair
is not transparent in terms of the finance of DPI and how the money is
raised and spent. No report were sent to executive officers for
approval and to World CouncilAccordingly, The World Council of DPI has
taken the following decisions:1. To withdraw confidence in the present
chair Javed Abidi2. To elect DPI vice chair Rachel Kachaje as a DPI
acting chair for an interim period until thecoming world assembly
where the election of a new chair will take place3. According to
Article 11 of the constitution, to form a committee chaired by the new
chairand composed of the following World Council members: • Shoji
Nakanishi• Kalle Konkkola• Jean- Luc Simon• Nawaf Kabbara• Ondoua Abah
GabrielIn addition to all legal regional chairs with the task of
steering DPI to a world assembly in 2016.The World Council preserves
its constitutional rights to take all necessary legal actions against
any person or entity as may be found necessary. Jean-Luc Simon Rachel
KachajeMember of the Ad hoc CommitteeInterim Chair of DPIChair of DPI
Europe© DPI 2015
Avinash Shahi
Doctoral student at Centre for Law and Governance JNU

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