[AI] Washington Post: At some museums, blind visitors can touch the art

avinash shahi shahi88avinash at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 06:06:57 PDT 2015

The list of the museums given in the article is very handy.
Moreover,interestingly they are celebrating 25 years of ADA this month
and we will be celebrating 20 years of the PWD Act in the upcoming
December. And they got azadi in 1976 and we got in 1947? so who is
more progressive? Anyway just a funny analogy hmm?
Read this amazing post: and those who are working with the National
museum for making it accessible do share with the concerned officials.
Pasting only URL intentially no text please.

Avinash Shahi
Doctoral student at Centre for Law and Governance JNU

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